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Property Tax Rebate for Registered Charities

Application Form

As defined by the Ontario Municipal Act 361(3), eligible applicants can receive a 40% property tax rebate. This form must be submitted to the Finance Department by the 28th of February of the year following the taxation year.

In order to qualify, the following needs must be met:

  • According to Section 248(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada), you are required to be a registered charitable organization with a registration number issues by the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • You must be an occupant in a classed commercial or industrial building.
  • If you are a tenant, you are required to present a signed statement from the owner detailing the total amount of property taxes you paid throughout the year within your rent (excluding HST).
  • For every property you occupy, a separate application must be submitted.

Information related to the property for which a rebate is applied for:

Your Roll Number should be in this format:

3734 XXX 000 XXXXX 0000

Are you the Property Owner or the Tenant?
Is this property Commercial or Industrial?