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Submit a Petition

When a completed petition form is received, it will be reviewed and the person who submitted the petition will be contacted by the Council Services Department with next steps. Please read the following prior to submitting a petition:

  • The petition must be appropriate and respectful in tone, and must not contain any improper or offensive language or information.
  • The petition must be typed or legibly handwritten and printed on letter size paper. (No pencil)
  • Each petitioner must print and sign their own name and must provide their full address or roll number.
  • The subject of the petition must be at the top of each page of signatures.
  • The petition must clearly disclose on each page that it will be considered a public document at the Town of LaSalle and that the information contained will be subject to public viewing.


Please note that all correspondence submitted to the Town of LaSalle will form part of the public record and will become a public document as it appears in an Agenda package posted on our website when this matter is before Town Council.


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